chimera audio


Chimera Audio is a music production company based in Nottinghamshire, England. Mainly focusing on heavy metal and rock music, Chimera Audio offers several services of audio production including mixing, mastering, drum programming, midi to audio conversion and audio editing. 

As technology advances, so does the ability for musicians to record themselves with higher and higher quality. Meaning, more and more musicians are turning to online producers and engineers to mix their music. The aim of Chimera Audio is to offer professional and affordable online services that can rival some of the more expensive recording studios. 

As well as offering engineering services, Chimera Audio also offers session musician services. This includes guitar, bass tracking and drum programming for your own written music or covers. I also offer songwriting services from small guitar parts to full instrumental songs.

The services provided are open to interpretation, from a full song you have written with full instrumentation and you would like recorded to writing a riff complete with tabs and reference audio to help with completing or starting a song and anything in between. 

Drum Programming is another service Chimera Audio can provide. From writing drum beats and fills for whole tracks to humanizing them in a natural way. Using the industry leading drum sequencer with some of the best samples for metal and rock, Chimera Audio can turn your midi drums into real life sounding multi-tracks for you to use on your own music.



My name is Chris Tranmer and I run Chimera Audio. For over a decade I have gained a substantial amount of experience in the field of recording, mixing and mastering, starting with college education and my own research. From there, I have gone on to learn from professional producers and practiced the skills I have been taught for many years. 


As an experienced guitarist I know the ins and outs of heavy metal and rock music, not only from a musical perspective but also from a technical one. Not only can I offer mixing and mastering services but session musician work too.